Children and Cerebral Palsy: Medical Malpractice in Albany, GA

Having a child brings immense joy to a family but sometimes a few complications can turn your world upside down. Even with advancements in medical science, doctors are unable to prevent complications and birth injuries. Amongst these birth injuries, the most unfortunate one is cerebral palsy. Often medical representatives are unable to handle the patient properly that ultimately leads to such defects. Medical malpractice in Albany, GA, or anywhere else is a serious offense, and people suffering due to someone else’s mistake have the right to take legal action against them.

Sometimes even the most experienced practitioners become negligent and cause harm to their patients.

According to analysis, 10 percent of the deaths in the U.S are caused by medical errors. From 2006 to 2016, there were 143,713 payments made for malpractices. It is quite evident that medical malpractice is a common issue in many places including developed cities like New York, Georgia, and Florida. Every year thousands of people suffer misfortunes due to the carelessness of physicians. That is why it’s important to fight against this injustice and especially when the lives of innocent children are involved. However, before starting one needs to know two things:

1. How Cerebral Palsy Affects Child Growth:

Cerebral palsy has a permanent effect on a child and complicates their life. It influences their muscles, movement, and general balance. Moreover, the child’s whole life is compromised because this is a lifelong disorder having no solution. Along with movement, the development of motor skills is also slow. In comparison to other healthy children, a child with cerebral palsy will pick new skills quite late in life.

2. Conditions Leading to Cerebral Palsy:

At certain times the child within the mother’s womb doesn’t receive adequate oxygen which in turn contributes to the problem. Likewise, the doctor’s negligence in monitoring the mother’s health or using incorrect birth-assistant tools can also result in a child developing cerebral palsy. Most of the time using the wrong drugs or use of forceps increases the chances of such issues. These are some of the common reasons that the general population should be aware of.

What to Expect in Medical Malpractice Cases in Albany, GA?

Handling a child with cerebral palsy isn’t easy. The cost of treatment is very high and much more than what an average family can afford. If someone is in this situation due to the doctor’s miscalculation, then the hospital should be paying for it.

In Georgia medical malpractice cases, parents can obtain compensation money to pay for the overwhelming expenses. Everything including medical cost, transportation cost, special education expenses, and therapy costs will be paid for by the party at fault. Even lost wages and costs for assistive equipment are handled by the hospital.

Who Can File a Medical Malpractice Case in Georgia?

It is true that in medical malpractice cases, people can receive huge compensation. However, you need to be eligible for it. Medical negligence is not always the reason for a child developing cerebral palsy. Make sure that your case meets the following requirements:

  • Direct negligence of medical staff while delivering a child
  • The doctor was the same one you had through the entire pregnancy
  • The child was perfectly normal before and there were no complications

If you do not have medical proof, then your claim will be void. Similarly, if the doctor had beforehand informed you about complications or problems in your pregnancy then your case isn’t valid. Gathering proper documentation is vital for winning malpractice cases. Do not delay the matter because with passing time your case can become weaker. The pieces of evidence start to disappear and once they are gone, people are left with no chance of winning.

Hiring Competent Medical Malpractice Lawyers in Georgia:

When you are certain that your child’s condition is due to the mistake of medical professionals, it’s time to hire a seasoned lawyer. With a good lawyer at your side, you feel confident and will be able to handle the pressure. Hospitals don’t easily admit their mistakes. Rather they try to pin the blame on the families. Every doctor has a responsibility towards their patients but when they fail to do their duty, it is your right to seek compensation for your child.

Therefore, choose someone who is well aware of the situation and knows how to deal with authorities. Georgia medical malpractice attorneys are here to guide you through the entire procedure. They will facilitate you in court hearings, trials, and compensation meetings. With a strong defense, you can fight for your rights without hesitation or fear.

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