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Our goal at Joe Durham Jr., P.C. is to help individuals who have suffered an accident or injury because of another person’s negligence. We help people to file personal injury claims. The goal of these lawsuits is to recover compensation for the victim for any losses that were caused by the accident or injury they suffered. Our Cusseta personal injury lawyers are highly trained and have a lot of experience in handling lawsuits against a variety of entities including property owners, motorists, trucking companies, major corporations, and others. Every case is different, but over the years we have successfully recovered millions of dollars for our clients.

Our team of attorneys will handle personal injury cases for people throughout the state of Georgia. Contact us today for a free case evaluation.

How Much Do We Charge for Our Personal Injury Attorney Services?

We operate on a contingency basis so we will only charge a fee if we win your case for you. The fee that we charge is a percentage of the settlement.

How Can I Tell if I Have a Valid Claim?

Personal injury lawsuits can be filed by someone who was the victim of an injury that was caused by another party’s negligence. To determine negligence or fault, the individual case will need to be evaluated. In general, it must be possible to prove that the negligent person failed to act in the way that a reasonably prudent entity would have in the same situation.

What’s an Example of Negligence

Negligence does not have to mean wilfully putting someone in harm’s way. Imagine that you’re entering the dining area of a restaurant and you trip or fall. You might notice after the accident that the area was poorly lit and there was no warning that there was a step dividing the dining area and the bar. You tripped on the step because you didn’t see it. The restaurant owner could be considered negligent because of the lack of warning of this hazard, and you may be able to take them to court over your injuries.

Why Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer?

You may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. However, if you are not well-versed in the claims process then if you try to manage the claim yourself the insurance adjuster might be able to skew the case in his client’s favor and reduce the compensation award. Having a personal injury lawyer in Cusseta, GA represent you will help you to get the best possible outcome.

Who Can You Sue for Personal Injury?

Any negligent entity, within reason, can have a claim made against them. Some examples of recent cases that we have handled include:

  • Hospitals, nursing homes, and doctors for failing to properly care for a patient
  • Dangerous drivers
  • Landlords and property owners who did not maintain their premises adequately
  • Dog owners who failed to keep their pets under control in public
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturers that failed to alert health care providers or patients to potentially dangerous side-effects
  • Trucking companies that promoted or enforced dangerous working practices

A Cusseta personal injury lawyer reviewing case files.

What Is It Possible to Claim for in a Lawsuit?

You can claim for a variety of things, including:

  • Medical expenses
  • Loss of income
  • Pain and suffering
  • Assistive living aids
  • Home adaptations

The total amount that you can claim will depend on the severity of your injury and how long it is likely to last, as well as your age and the impact that the injury has had on your life. We can advise you on what you are likely to be able to claim for and will help you to understand the legal process.

Is There a Time Limit on Making a Claim?

There is a statute of limitations in the Cusseta area which limits the amount of time that you have to make a claim. In some cases, there is a two-year time limit, but for certain injuries, the limit is a matter of weeks so it is a good idea to act quickly.

In certain circumstances, the time limit may be extended if you had no way of knowing that the negligent party was at fault (for example in some drug claims), but do not count on this. Call us as soon as possible if you think that you may have a claim.

Do All Claims Go to Court?

Almost 95% of personal injury cases are settled out of local court. We treat every personal injury case as if it will go all the way to trial, to ensure that your interests are protected, however, settlements are common, and often a better result.

Is It Possible to Sue for Pain and Suffering?

Pain and suffering can be included in a claim in Georgia. The damages are calculated based on how severe the physical trauma and mental anguish was. So if you end up in a wheelchair for the rest of your life, or you need physical therapy to get back to mobility, you can claim compensation for that. Call us today to discuss your options.

How Long Will It Take to Settle the Case?

Every case differs. It depends on who you are dealing with and what the claim is for. We will make sure that your claim is settled for the amount that it is worth, which may mean rejecting the initial offer. Our highly trained and skilled attorneys will fight on your behalf to help you get the compensation that you deserve.

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